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How's It Going!? I'm Chris. Here's My Story.

I could very well tell you all about my years of experience in filmmaking and how my expensive gear will deliver the best video you've ever seen and while that would be a way to showoff,  I know that is not what makes me different from other filmmakers nor is it what you want read. 

I believe there are plenty of incredible filmmakers out there but I also believe our emphasis on Your experience is what sets us apart. Humbly I'd say, you see that the quality is there, but most importantly so is the incredible client experience.  Let's be honest, hiring a videographer for your wedding is SUPER NERVE RACKING! 

 You're telling me you have to spend thousands of dollars and spend 8+ hours with a total stranger on one of the most special days of your life and trust this person to actually capture your once in a lifetime (NON-REPEATABLE) Memories?  Anyone relating to this feeling? 

That's how most couples feel too. 

We know that you care about having your wedding day captured and that is what we do, but to take it a step further, we make you feel like our friends. Because when you're comfortable, your wedding day no matter what will be one of the best days of your life. When you're happy and relaxed, everything captured is beautiful because it is real and unique to only YOU. 

That's why I created my Signature Experience. 

My Signature Experience.

I am in no definition of the word a model nor do I expect my couples to be models and just perfectly pose all day long. In fact, most couples tell me "Chris, we're kind awkward" and to that I say "aren't we all?" lol 

Don't worry friends, I've got you. My approach to filming weddings is a little different from the norm. I am all about capturing your wedding day in an authentic way highlighting Your Love and chemistry. That starts with making sure you-my couple-my new friends feel comfortable and are having fun. 

I like to use posing prompts instead of poses. Less like: put your arms around each other and smile like you did at prom and more like: slow dance to your favorite song, whisper in each others ears, close your eyes and soak in this moment, kiss everywhere but the lips, tickle each other, and run around like you're a kid again. 

I want you to focus on each other and the moment you're living in now after all the planning-not the camera. The result is you get share worthy, authentic, emotional and fun moments captured on video without feeling like you were on a movie set where someone yells action and multiple takes are necessary. 

My entire focus is your experience. Wedding videography is a premium service and I treat it as one. First, you're not my clients, you're my new friends. From the second you inquire all the way to your wedding film delivery, I go above and beyond to make your wedding day experience incredible.


From meeting, planning, filming and delivering; I make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process, especially on Your Wedding Day. 

Wherever You Go, We'll Capture It.

We're based in Alabama, but travel all over for our weddings and all travel costs are included in our pricing.

Alabama Wedding Filmmaker

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