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Tell Your Brand Story Through Video.

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Chris is the absolute best! He completed a brand video for our spa (The Grove Grotto & Spa). He took our vision and by far surpassed it. When he gave us our video preview to make any changes, there were none to be was perfect. Not only is his work good, but he is also a wonderful person. He's kind, patient and funny. Using him will be your best decision! I promise you!

Amber Stricklin

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Tell Your Brand Story Through Video.

Every project we work on is custom to our clients. We want to help you share your brand story in the best way possible so that your audience may get to know, like and trust you which we all know is the recipe for more sales.


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How's It Going!? I'm Chris. Here's My Story.

I could very well tell you all about my years of experience in filmmaking and how my expensive gear will deliver the best video you've ever seen and while that would be a way to showoff,  I know that is not what makes me different from other filmmakers nor is it what you want read. 

I believe there are plenty of incredible filmmakers out there but I also believe our emphasis on Your Experience is what sets us apart. Humbly I'd say, you see that the quality of our work is there, but most importantly so is the incredible client experience.  Let's be honest, hiring a videographer for your Brand Story is SUPER NERVE RACKING! 

 You have spent time and money building up your business, brand and if you're like me, you care for it passionately! I have heard business owners say "it's my baby" and I totally get it! 

We know that you care about having your Brand Story captured and that is what we do, but to take it a step further, we make you feel like our friends and treat your business like our own. We know Your Brand is Unique and we want to help your audience see that!

Why Work With CF Media?

My approach to filming brand stories is a little different from the norm. I am all about capturing Your Brand in an authentic way highlighting your true experiences and showing Your Brand in the best way possible. That starts with making sure you-my client-my new friend feel comfortable with the process. 

I like to ask you genuine questions about Your Brand instead of having you memorize a script. Why? Because your audience will see and hear the authenticity in your answers and will trust and like you even more! 

I want you to focus on telling Your Brand Story and forget the camera is even in the room. The result is you get share worthy and authentic moments captured on video without feeling like you were on a movie set where someone yells action and multiple takes are necessary. 

My entire focus is your experience. Commercial Filming is a premium service and I treat it as one. First, you're not my client, you're my new friend. From the second you inquire all the way to Your Brand Story delivery, I go above and beyond to make your experience incredible.


From meeting, planning, filming, editing and delivering; I make sure you are comfortable throughout the whole process and I make sure we have captured Your Brand Story in a way that will connect with your audience. 

Alabama Filmmaker

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